DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

About black smoke removal devices

    Nitrogen oxide and particle matters are included abundantly in the exhaust gas with the diesel engines, which use the gas oil, which has many sulfur contents. A heavy metal such as zinc, PANAJUUMU iron and copper are included in these substances, and it's difficult to fall on the ground. It remains long time getting drifted in the air, destroys ozone layer , and cause global warming.
Again in the particle matters,the Carcinogenicity exists, and it becomes the cause of the Bronchial asthma and hay fever. In the shut down work environment, the work in a tunnel etc. poses a big problem on health especially.
The full auto type DPF device of this company helps to clean the environment with a black smoke removal rate of 100%.

Outlines of the system

Outlines of the system

    The high collection rate and low pressure loss silicon carbide (SiC) filter of high heat proof is used. The inside of the filtercapture the corpuscle of the black smokewhich is discharged at porosity honeycomb system surely,and is let burn with the heater and black smoke (reproduction) is removed. Moreover, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide can also be purified by attaching a catalyst muffler.
Even during recycling the black smoke by which collection was done by a filter, collection is being done by one side filter with mutual reproduction and regardless of the job time zone,continuous use is possible, and collection of the black smoke is 100% possible.

Good points of system

Good points1
High collection rate
  Black smoke purification rate 100%
Good points2
.Low pressure loss
  Average pressure loss 20 kPa or less
Good points3
High maintainability
  The sensor senses back pressure, and it bypass the exhaust gas when abnormality occurs in the filter.
Good points4
Low cost
  Running cost is inexpensive by not changing the whole filter but just exchanging the catalyst pellet in the muffler when the catalyst function goes down (about 2000 H).

About 60% (this company ratio) of former shape

The device which was equipped with a Multiple Titan Bar
There is no DPF device
There is a DPF device

Good points of full automatic system black smoke removal device

Good points
of filter
ShapeSegment honeycomb-shaped (without the catalyst functions)
Collection systemWall flow
Main materialSiC (silicon carbide Ceramics)
Heat resistanceOver 2000℃
PM removal rate84%
Black smoke purification rate100%
Black smoke density0%
Pressure lossLow
LifeIt's practicable semi-permanently.
Good points
of Device
Collection and revival systemAlternate collection and revival
OperationAll automatic motion compulsion alternation revival system
Revival systemCompulsion burning system by the heater
Control systemExhaust pressure / time
Heating systemFront heater heating
LoadingIt correspondingly adapts to use circumstances and is possible flexibly
Bypass functionIt is OK (only trouble time)
Muffling characteristicSubstitution possible of standard silencer
Catalyst functionNone (to be equivalent with catalyst muffler)
MaintenanceHeater exchange (About 5 years but depends on use frequency)
Others Good points The filter is flushed at the time of periodical inspectionand catalyst pellet exchanged.
We have made good records of performance by industrial vehicles.
Filter part standard loading in rolling stock
CO, the HC decrease is possible by catalyst muffler loading
Collection efficiency is extremely high
The collection of SPM is possible
Use conditionsBattery for the burning power source is a necessity
The operation of constant time is required for the revival
Cleaning of ashes (burnt sediments of black smoke) (by the use frequency)
AuthorizationThe Ministry of Construction (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
・Authorization number 37 CHFA-100
Tokyo specified device
・Number 027-D FA (4000 ~ 20000 cc)

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